Ephesoft Enterprise Edition


  • New Feature:Support for Java based Regular Expression across Ephesoft Enterprise.
  • New Feature :Recostar v7.2 from v7.0.2
  • Fix for Problem: CTRL + Q Shortcut not validating/overriding the OCR confidence Threshold.
  • Fix for Problem: Roles widget checkbox get scrolled upon selecting first role in widget
    making it difficult for user to select multiple roles at a time.
  • Fix for Problem: When user insert an image using Rescan functionality through Validation screen image is getting blurred on RV after finish.
  • Fix for Problem: Once extraction key and value changes are applied, overlays sizes and location expands once they are edited. Hit the cancel button and then go in again they would have expanded even a little more.
  • Fix for Problem: If we select a batch class to export with an option to include learned files and it includes all the Batch Instance folders from the final drop folder that had been executed through that batch class.
  • Fix for Problem: Grammar error on review screen-When document is split from the first page, notification to the user stating Invalid Operation “Document cannot be splitted from first page of the document”, the word splitted is grammatical mistake it should be split.
  • Enhancement: Batch Instance Management enhancement for following problems:
    ) Slowness in Remote call(when having batch count around 1000 , around 10-12 seconds on local system).
    2.) Batch Instance Selection and Progress Bars are not in sync with each other.
  • Fix for Problem: If property enable re-scan is disabled in scanner profiles in the Batch Class then the Rescan button on validation screen should be disabled.
  • Fix for Problem: Batch Instance Progress Bars should have M and P in Uppercase in Module and Plugin name respectively.



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