New: Clean-up procedures for Ephesoft Database and report back-up data from File System.
New: Image Enhancement feature of line removal and despeckle on the basis of switch in Nuance_OCR_Plugin.
New: Incorporation of new Nuance Version 19
New: Configure KV Page Process Plugin Screen
New: Add file boundary functionality in Document Assembler Plugin to prevent documents from separate input files being merged together
New: Support for exporting Dashboard reports to PDF and Excel.
New: Image toolbar for next and previous icons on the Adv. KV screen, Web Scanner Screen and RV Screen.
New: Change in licensing with respect to Reporting (3 different licence for Reports: Standard, Advanced, and Custom).
New: Connection to MSSQL database using Named Instance.
New: Ephesoft Reporting will take into accounts for batches executed of Encrypted Batch Classes.
New: Links to be shown on Screen Navigator on the basis of role assigned by Super-admin through Access manager.
New: Consistent format for Date displayed for Last Sync time in Standard report( MM/DD/YYYY HH: MM: SS)
New: Appropriate Start and End Date with respect to report type in Standard reports.
New: Having print functionality for all Ephesoft reports.
New: Review Validate Screen-If a page is dragged in order to drop in other document, drop panel will be highlighted stating where page should be dropped and notification will be displayed if page is dropped in to invalid location.
New: Review Validation Screen-Multiple documents can be selected with the help of ctrl key and selected document will be merged to last selected document with shortcut Ctrl+Shift+/.
New: If any change is made with the Batch Class then Apply button will change to “Red” colour stating there are some unsaved changes in the batch class that needs to applied before closing the batch class.
New: Multiple deletion of pages can be done using Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Delete after selection using Ctrl key
New: Adding refresh button next to Fuzzy DB and DB Export connection dropdown in order to reflect any changes made in connection to reflect in mapping screen.
New : Allow IMAP accounts to import Email(s) from folder other than Inbox.
New: For the license with definite image count, message is displayed on Login screen stating no. of pages left in the license.
New: Notification is displayed to the User if Ephesoft is unable to connect to database.
New: Clicking Ephesoft icon redirects to home.html page by default. This URL can be changed to any custom URL with the help of property in application.
New: Integration of Ephesoft Application, ETL Scripts and Logi Info with container level JNDI Connection Pool.
New : Password validations for installer:
1. Length 6-12(Inclusive 6 and 12).
2. At least once character from !@#$%^&*?
3. Exclusion of characters = and / in password.
New: Support for CMIS 1.1 on Alfresco version v5.x
New: Keyboard Shortcut to ‘toggle multipage previewer’ in the upper left corner of Validation screen(Ctrl+ Shift+ o).
New: Ephesoft custom error page should get displayed when an Access Denied page is shown on role based user access of screens
New: Adding localisation to redirection URL names present in screen navigator.
New: Include Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable in the Ephesoft installer package.
New: Rather than prepopulating default values in user name and password while installation of Ephesoft, user will be asked for entering the value for username and password.
In MSSQL password should not be subset of user name.
Improvement: Improved Formatting and alignment of table data in all Ephesoft reports.
Improvement: Invalid bar are made little thinner with light-red back ground in order to avoid colour blindness issue and ease of distinguishing invalid documents.
Improvement: Allowing Keyboard navigation in Fuzzy Search Result window and first result will be highlighting by default.
Improvement: By default batches displayed on Batch Instance Management (Administrator) screen will not list DELETED and FINISHED batches.
Improvement: Renamed plugin properties of Copy Batch XML plugin to make them more intuitive.
Improvement: Display a notification to the user if the installer is not run as administrator
Improvement: End time set to null instead of 1970-01-01 in manual history table.
Improvement: Ephesoft reports will not have database specific configuration files, one for all.
Improvement: Ephesoft reports context failure is avoided.
Improvement: Password Ofuscation for database connection to reports.
Improvement: Any value entered in Pattern column will be pre-populated in the Regex Builder.
Improvement: Sencha thumbnails and page preview display support on IE11
Improvement: Remove un-used tables from the database during Ephesoft installation.
Improvement: Functionality to copy KV Extraction Rule
Improvement: Ability for the user to select multiple regex pattern from a group in Regex pool Configuration.
Improvement: Updated ImageMagik Version from 6.8.2 to 6.9.1-0 Q8
Improvement: Hexadecimal Sorting for batch instance IDs and batch class ids
Improvement: Listing detail in case of Failure for import document type and import index field.
Improvement: Setting tooltips for Validation failure in Validation screen if field type is selected as Multi-area.
Improvement: Removed all pop-ups for validation failure to tooltips, added missing validations.
Improvement: Making Copy Document type operation to persist entries directly into database rather than having it in memory that needs explicit Apply button click to reflect the changes.
Improvement: Updated licence-info file for Linux to make it closer to Windows.
Improvement: Display Page Number on image thumbnails on hover as a tooltip in the Review-Validate screen
Improvement: Consistency in icons, capitalization and grammar in application popups
Improvement: Removing Capitalisation, underscores and unnecessary tooltip in status messages in Batch Instance Management Screen.
Improvement: Index Field Order will start from 1 rather than from 0, however it can be edited to 0 value if required.
Improvement: Renaming UNC folder text to Drop Folder.
Improvement: Having Cancel button function if user clicks on Close button in order to close a Batch Class.
Improvement: Renaming View OCR toggle to View Image when button is clicked on KV Extraction Rule Definition Screen.
Improvement: Selection of batch class to be retained on Upload Batch screen upon refresh, this selection is reflected on Web scanner screen and vice-versa.
Improvement: Selection of batch on Batch Instance Management screen to be retained on refresh.
Improvement: Utilize the parameters provided in folder import plugin for Test KV extraction pdf to tiff conversion on advanced KV screen.
Improvement: Performance enhancement to support large number of document types and index fields in the batch class tree navigation.
Improvement: Consistency on Validate Regex functionality throughout the application.
Improvement: Use java7 file nio instead of file IO.
Improvement: In-memory HOCR XML for batch processing.
Improvement: Rename ‘Apply’ button to ‘Apply KV’ on KV extraction rule screen.
Improvement: Sorting the index field groups on Review Validation screen on the basis of their names.
Improvement: Changing regex-pattern for email in Regex pool configuration.
Improvement: Enhancements in 4.0 licensing implementation.
Improvement: Change the default values for “CMIS Export File Names” for CMIS Export plugin.
Improvement: If Ephesoft is installed with MSSQL database Vendor table should be populated.
Improvement: KV weight representation should be shown up to two decimal spaces on the KV Extraction Rule Listing Screen.
Improvement: Restrict the username creation with name sa for MSSQL and root for MariaDB.
Improvement: Move the logging for “No regex pattern defined for field type” from ERROR to INFO mode.
Improvement: Set default value of document.display_property as˜document type description in file.
Improvement: Row ID not being fetched when configuring Fuzzy DB with SQL views.
Improvement: Buttons lose size when browser window is not full screen.
Improvement: Sorting on ‘Last Modified’ and ‘Imported On’ columns on Batch Instance Managements screen.
Improvement: Hide Administrator header from Screen Navigator if there is no admin screen.
Improvement: Change the label “OCR-Core Count” to “Number of Cores” on License Details screen.
Improvement: Operations on Document type Learning are checkbox driven. Order of priority: Checkbox,Current Selection.
Fix: When a batch class or any parent hierarchy is opened screen is masked if it takes time for Open.
Fix: Allowing Fuzzy DB ignore list to be left as blank if no word is required to be ignored in in META-INF.
Fix: When large number of images are uploaded through Upload Batch and partial of them are uploaded while others are in progress. Clicking on Start Batch would start batch only for the uploaded files.
Fix: Allowing Key/Value overlay in KV extraction screen to cover the entire document.
Fix: Fixes and alignment issues in regex Builder.
Fix: Apply KV button is enabled when viewing Test KV results on KV Extraction rule defination Screen.
Fix: Fixing all the Grammar and formatting related issues in Regex Builder.
Fix: Incorporating grammatical mistakes improving messages in Windows Installer.
Fix: Enhanced Test classification feature if Search classification plugin is removed and then added again in the Batch Class.
Fix: support server switching during failover.
Fix: Ephesoft is not loading documents in the upload batch page when set to use any language other than English
Fix: Ability to display full name of logged-in user in Ephesoft screen navigator.
Fix: Read-only field should not change to editable on changing the document type on Validation screen.
Fix: External Web Application should work in its full capabilities.
Fix: Failure during Import Batch class due to serialization/de-serialization error.
Fix: Document Display Info tag in batch xml should get overriden with the value specified in ‘document.display_property’ in application.poperties.
Fix: Test Extraction popup does not appear in the full view on first build start up.
Fix: Black dots appear on the UI on IE and Firefox browser when numeric characters are specified as Category names.
Fix: Minimum Confidence Threshold property in FUZZYDB plugin configuration appears disabled.
Fix: Batch Class not getting imported on special scenario from 3.x series.
Fix: Review Validate screen should take the user to the next batch when the batch is finished by the operator.
Fix: CMIS dynamic file/folder naming functionality replaces “_” by “&” by default.
Fix: Batch Fields missing in Batch XML when imported through Web Scanner.
Fix: Copy_batch_xml plugin unable to export if patch contains $ at end of path
Fix: Unable to re-order pages in document when in Review in IE browser
Fix: When reviewing/validating batches, after the last batch user is brought back to the Batch List and the same batch is still listed.
Fix: COPY_BATCH_XML plugin Export filenaming “underscores” not writing properly.
Fix: Download-email folder is not getting cleared out after mail import cron.
Fix: Folder management caching issue
Fix: Test Connection for Invalid connection takes too long to respond.
Fix: Default port number for the specified database to be populated in the textbox while creating a connection in Connection manager screen.
Fix: Roles dropdown only shows first word of group.
Fix: Scripts does not get created in the scripts folder if ‘Use Existing’ is chosen while Import Batch Class.
Fix: CMIS Export naming convention issues && not working
Fix: Support for space in file naming in COPY_BATCH_XML not working


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