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During the installation of Ephesoft on RHEL and CentOS, you receive an error stating that another app is currently holding the yum lock.

Sample error message:(x’s in sample will be actual numbers in your terminal window)

Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit…
The other application is: PackageKit
Memory : xxx M RSS (xxx MB VSZ)
Started: (Date started)
State: Sleeping, pid: xxxxx



There are a few solutions. The first being what was included in the installation steps of going to System>Preferences>Software Update and set Check for Updates to Never

  1. Most of the time, the lock will only last a minute or two, in this instance, ignore the message and continue the Ephesoft installation
  2. If the yum lock is lasting a longer amount of time, the next option would be to leave the Ephesoft installation going and in a new terminal window, follow these steps:

    1. Check that the process PackageKit is in fact running by typing ‘PS -A | grep package2. Kill the PackageKit process by typing ‘sudo pkill packagekitd’

    The process may come back during install, just follow these steps again.
  3. If you are unable to kill the process, and it is lasting longer than a few minutes, try the following:

    1. Stop the Ephesoft installation
    2. In a new terminal, type ‘sed -i ‘s/\[Daemon\]/#\[Daemon\]/’ /etc/PackageKit/PackageKit.conf’
    3. Start the Ephesoft installation and it will start where it left off last.

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J.D. Abbey