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In case of heavy load or in a continuous execution of batches, sometimes due to network glitches few batches went into ERROR. The cause could be categorized mainly into two categories listed below:-

  1. Unable to reach License Server: While batch is executing, system checks for valid license at various levels and during that execution if license server cannot be reached, batch is moved to ERROR state.
  2. Unable to reach Shared Folders: While batch is executing, sometime system is not able to reach to share folders for processing due to network glitch and so the batch is moved to ERROR state.

Now, system will analyze the exception before moving batch to ERROR state. In case any of the above situation is observed, batch will be moved to ‘Waiting to Restart’ state. System will then auto restart such batches. These auto restart will be limited to a configured number beyond which batch will be moved to ERROR state. User will not be able to restart the batches in ‘Waiting to Restart’ state since they will automatically restarted by the system.

The number of auto restart made by the system for a particular batch can be fetched from ‘batch_instance’ table.

The flow of execution can be depicted as below:-


The configuration for auto restart count can be configured by modifying the property ‘batch.retry.count’ located at the location ‘Application/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/’. The default value for this property is 3.

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