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Known Issue# 9674: CMIS Export plugin Issue due to formatting


Ephesoft version(s) Affected: 4030

Issue:  While using the CMIS Export plugin, I received the following error which seems to be Windows Server 2012 2015-08-03 22:43:32,622 ERROR pool-1-thread-2 com.ephesoft.dcma.cmis.service.CMISExportServiceImpl – Illegal path with empty component: /default-domain/workspaces/Items//BI1_DOC1.pdf
com.ephesoft.dcma.core.exception.DCMAApplicationException: Illegal path with empty component: /default-domain/workspaces/Items//BI1_DOC1.pdf
at com.ephesoft.dcma.cmis.CMISExporter.exportFiles(
at com.ephesoft.dcma.cmis.service.CMISExportServiceImpl.exportContent(

Root Cause: Caused by the code adding an extra back slash to the file path between the “Cmis Root Folder Name” and the “CMIS Export File Name”  i..e. /default-domain/workspaces/Items//BI1_DOC1.pdf. .

Solution: We have added this to the release v4.0.3.1





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Walter Lee