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Can non-DB Owner permissions be assigned for successful operation?

Answer: It is not supported.

Ephesoft performs following operations on database server:


  1. Connects with database server and creates Application and reporting database. In reporting database it populates tables at the same time.
  2. Creates a login having name ephesoft and gives all permissions on Application and reporting database to this login.
  3. After successful installation when databases and login are created successfully then on starting Ephesoft, it connects with database server using ‘ephesoft’ login and creates tables in Application database.
  4. After creating tables Ephesoft performs SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE operations on tables using ‘ephesoft’ login.
  5. When an existing installation is upgraded by patch/upgrade installer, there may be a scenario that the patch also alters the existing database. Creation of a new table or schema alteration may be necessary.

For these reasons, we recommend that the Ephesoft database service account be assigned db_owner permissions.


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Walter Lee