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This plug-in is responsible for saving the data of document level fields for a particular batch instance to the external or same database. It takes the mapping file provided for the plugin and creates a SQL query to insert the mapped document level field into the mapped table.


Configurable properties screenshot

  • User can select Export module and navigate to DB Export plugin configuration page as shown below:



Configurable properties

Following are the configurable properties available with the plugin:


Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
Database Export Switch List of values ON

The switch that defines whether this plugin will run or not. Default value is 'OFF'
Database Connection URL String A valid database connection URL. The database connection URL corresponding to the selected driver.
Database Driver List of values net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver

Type of driver to be used for database connection.
Database User Name String A valid username value to connect to database SQL account username.
Database Password String A valid password value to connect to database SQL account password.


Mapping File

  • Mapping file for this plugin is stored for each batch class at the following path:
    • <SHARED_FOLDER_PATH>\<BATCH_CLASS_IDENTIFIER>\db-export-plugin-mapping\
  • Its contents should in the following syntax:


DB Export mapping syntax for exporting DLF attribute:


DB Export mapping syntax for exporting table:


Optional Parameters:


Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 2.57.57 PM



The plugin requires the following prerequisites:

  • Plugin does depend on any other plugin. But desired output comes only when the document level field has some extracted value.
  • If the “Database Export Switch” is ON, then the mapping provided should be correct. Invalid mapping will result in batch going to error.


Following are few common error messages seen due to mal-functioning of the plugin:


S no. Error message Possible root cause
1 Error in parsing DB Export Plugin mapping file, FileNotFoundException The "" file is not located at the "(SHARED_FOLDER_PATH)\(BATCH_CLASS_IDENTIFIER)"
2 Error in parsing DB Export Plugin mapping file, NoSuchElementException One or more properties" is in incorrect syntax."
3 Conflict in database export. Column names of same database table are referred for same category of fields Two or more Document Level Fields of same Document type are referring to the same column of a database table.

Two or more columns of a same Ephesoft's Table are referring to the same column of database table.
4 Error in initialising Hibernate Connection Database connection settings are invalid.
5 No Field exist with name: Name of the field When there is any field (Document Type/ Document level field/Table/Table Column) in mapping that does not exist.
6 If null or 0000-00-00 values extracted for date fields You need to format the date value to be exported in the default date format as per the DB. For MySQL & MSSQL the date format should be “YYYY-MM-DD”


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