To install a new Ephesoft license or upgrade/replace your existing Ephesoft license on a Windows OS please perform the following steps:

  1. To complete a new installation or replace an expired license, you will need to send a copy of the file [found in the \Ephesoft\Dependencies\licensing folder] to This team will then review and send you your new license file. Before sending, please open and review the file. It should like the illustration on the right. If the Device Address is missing or appears to be incorrect, please manually populate the file in Notepad with ALL unique MAC addresses from your machine(open a command prompt from the machine and run ipconfig /all to see an output of all the MAC addresses). Then save and send to our licensing department.

    license pipe

  2. Go to the Windows Registry and delete the following key (note — this step is only for replacing an existing license, not for brand new installations with new licenses).

  3. Copy the newly received ephesoft.lic file to the \Ephesoft\Dependencies\license-util folder.
  4. Open the Windows command prompt as an Administrator and navigate to the same \Ephesoft\Dependencies\license-util folder.
  5.  From this directory path in the command prompt, type install-license.bat and then hit Enter. For consistency, we recommend that you run install-license.bat twice to ensure the license correctly applies.
  6. You should now see 2 string values titled ‘’ and ‘license’ with data included in them in this registry path:


If you are seeing issues with Ephesoft after following the steps outlined above, please review the wiki articles below for some of the common issues seen with license installations.

Installation Issues and Pre-requisites

If these suggestions do not resolve your issue, please send an e-mail to and include your log files from \Ephesoft\JavaAppServer\logs.

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Walter Lee