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This plugin is used for uploading data to the file bound content management solution. It transforms the batch xml to a document file and exports it to the configured repository. We can upload multipage tiff and multipage pdf to the file bound content management solution.


Steps for configuring the plugin

  • User can select the export module and navigate to Filebound export plugin configuration page as shown below:




The User can edit above settings by clicking on “Edit” button in order to change the settings as per requirement.

Configurable Properties

Following are the configurable properties available for the Filebound Export plugin:


Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
File Bound Connection URL String Ex : C:\ephesoft-data\csv-export-folder Location URL for the Filebound repository.
File Bound User Name String Ex : admin The username for repository authentication.
File Bound Password String Ex : password The password for repository authentication. It is encrypted for security reasons.
Filebound Project Name String NA The project name for which Filebound repository is used.
Filebound index field String NA The indexing field that will be used from batch.xml to create indexes.
Filebound division mString NA The division type that will be used for creating the document.
Filebound separator String NA The separator that will be used for breaking the document.
Filebound Export Format List of values pdf

Determines which format of files has to be exported.

By default value is pdf.
File Bound Switch List of values ON

Determines whether the plug-in will run or not.

By default value is OFF.


Steps of execution

  • This plug-in works in the export phase of the application when all the processing on the batch has been done and it’s ready to be exported.
  • The plugin works to form a document file and export to the repository given if the plugin switch is “ON”.
  • Then the document is made by using the configured Filebound export format i.e. tif or pdf.
  • The created document is indexed by using the configured index field.
  • The document is then exported to the given URL repository.


Following are few common error messages received due to mal-functioning of the plugin:


S no. Error message Possible root cause
1 Document Level fields are null. So cannot upload documents of batch instance If there is no document level fields in the batch class.
2 Project Name must not be null If there is no project name configured.
3 Connection URL must not be null If there is no Connection URL configured for repository.
4 Username must not be null If there is no username configured for authentication.
5 Password must not be null If there is no password configured for authentication.
6 Index Field must not be null If there is no index field configured.
7 Division must not be null If there is no division configured.
8 Separator must not be null If there is no separator configured.
9 Non-zero exit value for Filebound command found. If the export of document on the server is unsuccessful.

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