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Ephesoft supports distributed computing via Grid Computing Enabled Workflows. These batch classes have the feature for transferring the batches from one independent Ephesoft server to another (over the network either internet or intranet), with the assumption that, batch class on the both the system should be same. Each Ephesoft server transfers the data using Web-Services and FTP.


Configurable Properties

Following are the list of configurable properties for the above configuration:

  • FTP Configuration

Create the FTP connection for transferring and retrieving file from FTP server. It uses the following properties for data transmission: (META-INF->dcma-ftp->


Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
ftp.server.url String Any valid url.
Default Value:
The URL for FTP server.
ftp.server.username String Any string.
Default Value: ephesoft
Username used for accessing the server.
ftp.server.password String Any string.
Default Value: ********
Password required for user's authentication.
ftp.number_of_retries Integer Any Integer Value.
Default Value: 3
Number of retries a client makes if any exceptions occur while transferring or retrieving file from FTP.
ftp.upload_base_dir String Any valid directory path.
Default Value: test
Folder location on ftp server in which data has to be uploaded or location from which the data to be downloaded.
ftp.data_timeout Integer Any Integer value.
Default Value: 600000
Maximum time provided for the data transfer. If data is not uploaded or downloaded within the specified time interval transfer is stopped. Stored in milliseconds.



  • upload_base_dir property mentioned in the properties file should be present on ftp server.
  • Username and Password are valid.
  • Same Batch Class must be available on all the Ephesoft Server Instances.
  • Configuration

Web Service related configuration need to be provided in file.


Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
dcma.batch.status.cronjob.expression String Any valid cron expression.
Default Value: 0 0/1 * ? * *
Cronjob for batch status pulling of remote batches. Defines the time after which a source machine will check the remote location for the result or Batch Instance status.
wb.hostURL String Any valid http url.
Default Value:
Host URL in the specified format. i.e. http://LocalHostAdress:port/dcma/rest
wb.folderPath String Any valid folder path.
Default Value: test
Server folder path.



  • wb.hostURL should be like
  • hostURL link should have unique IP Address or user domain name in URL.
  • Wb.folderPath should be same as ftp.upload_base_dir.


  • Web based Configuration





Upon clicking the Edit button, following screen will be presented where user can configure grid computing properties:




Map the remote URL and remote Batch Class identifier on which module you need to execute on remote server, except in Folder Import Module.


  • User can restart batch from the module which is executing on his local system.
  • User cannot restart those batches which are executing remotely.
  • User cannot delete the batch instance if it is transferred to other system. Also if the batch is transferred from the one system to another than none of the user can delete that batch instance.



Following are few common error messages received due to mal-functioning of the feature:


S no. Issue Possible root cause
1 Source directory is null wb.folderPath and ftp.upload_base_dir
Both the paths should be same and valid
2 Destination directory is null wb.folderPath, ftp.upload_base_dir
Both the paths should be same and valid
3 Invalid Connection to FTP server Invalid attempt to make FTP connection.
4 Error in generating output Stream for file Invalid output file name.
5 TargetServerURL is null Check the remote URL entry for the batch
6 BatchInstanceId is null Check database connection or network.
7 BatchClassId is null Check the remote batch class ID entry for the batch
8 SourceServerURL is null hostURL is not mapped in property files.
9 FolderPath is null folderPath is not mapped in property files.
10 moduleName is null Check database connection or network.
11 batchName is null Batch name is not found in batch xml.
12 Exception in transferring batch to remote location Any of the error among 5 to 11 must have caused this.


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