Previously, the hist_manual_step table was not being cleaned up after the execution of clean-up ETL service.

In Ephesoft Transact v., the hist_manual_step table has been added to the clean-up tables list. Now, the clean-up service will clear all the records from the hist_manual_step table, which are linked with entries in the batch_instance table of Ephesoft Database.

As this functionality is not present in earlier versions, in case of upgrade to Ephesoft Transact v., old records will remain in the hist_manual_step table. If any user wants to delete those records as well, they can use below query to do so (this will be a one-time activity):

delete from ephesoft_db.hist_manual_steps where batch_instance_id in (select identifier from report_archive_db.batch_instance where batch_status in (‘FINISHED’,’DELETED’));

where ephesoft_db and report_archive_db are the respective names of ephesoft and report_archive databases.


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