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Topic #9721 : How To Add Support For additional File types in Folder-Import

Applicable Ephesoft versions: 3.1 and up

Ephesoft can process the following file types:

  But in order to process them a few settings alterations are required.


1. Navigate to the Ephesoft/Application/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF Folder
Windows 4030 Final-2015-08-12-06-57-41
2. Open the property file named “” in a text editor as admin.
Windows 4030 Final-2015-08-12-06-57-59
3. On line 2 of the properties add the supported file extensions you would like Ephesoft to handle.
Windows 4030 Final-2015-08-12-06-58-15
4. Restart Ephesoft.
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