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You would like to change the Log On user for the Ephesoft service in windows. By default Ephesoft sets the Log on for the service as the Local System account. This should work fine for most purposes, however there are times when group policies may interact poorly with this setting. In those cases, you would want to change the Log on account to be a local admin account on the server.


1. Open the Services manager in windows. (you can do this by using the search field under the start button in Windows 2008, 2008 R2, and windows 7. Or you can use the search functionality in the sidebar in Server 2012, server 2012 R2 and windows 8. Enter ‘Search’ and select View local services.


2. Right Click the Ephesoft Enterprise Service and select properties.


3. Select the Log On tab in the Ephesoft Enterprise Service Properties window. (by default this will be the Local System account)


4. At this time, you can change it to use ‘This account:’ instead of Local System account. (It is vital that the account that you use for this setting have admin rights on the local server.)

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