To install the Ephesoft Enterprise license you must have first acquired one by sending your to, following the successful installation of Ephesoft Enterprise Edition.

The file is located in the {Ephesoft_install_directory}\Dependencies\licensing path. For example:


If approved, Ephesoft Enterprise Support will in turn send you a file, ephesoft.lic

You’ll want to copy this file to a location such as C:\Ephesoft\Dependencies\license-util

Having copied the file to the appropriate location, commence with the following procedure:

  1. Open Command Prompt in Admin mode by right-clicking on it and selecting “Run as Administrator”.
  2. Go to license util folder by typing “cd C:\Ephesoft\Dependencies\license-util”
  3. Run “install-license.bat” file, twice.
  4. Start Ephesoft Server by selecting “Run as Administrator”.

If you encounter any issues please send a help request to

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J.D. Abbey