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Topic #9998 : How to Set Eviroment varibles for install-license.bat

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In order to use Power Shell rather than Command Prompt you will need to edit the Environment variables. For a workaround, please set variables (JAVA_HOME and PATH) in install-license.bat file. Configure path according to the environment. Below is the snapshot of install-license.bat


@echo off

set ANT_HOME=C:\\Ephesoft\\dependencies/license-util/apache-ant-1.6.5

set EPHESOFT_HOME=C:\\Ephesoft\\Application

set JAVA_HOME=..\\jdk1.7.0_71

set path=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%path%;%ANT_HOME%\bin;

ant -f C:\\Ephesoft\\Dependencies/license-util/ephesoft-license-installer/run.xml



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