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InfoR Uninstallation Procedure


Note : Please find the uninstaller from here:
This procedure needs to be followed in case user has already installed Infor plugins previously and now would like to switch to latest installer which provides additional support.
If older version of Infor plugins is already installed, please follow below steps:

1. Stop Ephesoft servers if currently running.
2. Unzip the shared artefacts to get the “uninstaller” folder.
3. Run windows/Linux uninstaller as applicable. Shared document for uninstallation “Infor_Uninstallation.docx” can be referred for the same.
4. Once uninstallation is complete, follow fresh installation steps.
5. After installing successfully, do configuration changes.
6. Batch class again need to be configured as uninstaller removes earlier added plugins. Follow these steps.
Please note that same path for mapping files can be used as uninstaller do not delete mapping files. For example, if earlier value for mapping File Path was C:\\ then same can be configured now as well.

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Abhishek Jain