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Customer migrated their DB to a lower version of MS SQL Server (2012  -> 2008). The application database is not functioning properly. Batch Import is not possible and the Template Batch classes are missing.


Root Cause:

Downgrading a database from MSSQL Server 2012 to MSSQL Server 2008 is not recommended. The database is not restore-able in any previous versions of MSSQL from a backup.




Even though Restoring a DB from MSSQL Server 2012 on a MSSQL Server 2008 is not possible you may be able to Export the DB data out to a script and try creating the DB again in MSSQL Server 2008. This can be done by using the SQL Server Import Export Wizard in Management Studio.


Other than attempting that you may just be required to re-create the Ephesoft DB. For this you will need to follow the instruction on the following Wiki Article:


How To: Deleting the Ephesoft Database and Recreating Manually



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