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Ephesoft v3.1.2.6 to v3.1.2.12


Database Failover Error after upgrade to v3.1.2.6 or higher

We are currently noticing ‘Database Failover is not running under this server.’ error occurring every minute in our multi-server environments (Load Test and production) after upgrade.

Root Cause:
There is nothing to worry regarding on this error in the logs. This was just a log that should be in INFO level logs but coming in ERROR level. We will correct it in


The database.server.failover.recovery switch in the dcma-workflows.propeties is meant to work with a specific version of MSSQL (MSSQL Server 2012 R2).
It enabled a special configuration allowing Ephesoft to take advantage of the New Failover option with MS SQL called “Always On”.

Since this is only available for MSSQL Server 2012, you do not need to have this switch enabled. (It is enabled by default in the installer).
It will not impact your processing with it on as it is simply looking for a DB server that it can communicate with. You can disable this switch any time on all your servers without impact of your current environment.

You customer can set the dcma.alwayson.cronjob.expression property to 0 0 0 * * ? 2020 such that the cron executes on year 2020 and then only the next error log will come.


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