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Topic/Category: Batch Class Management

Ephesoft Version: 3.1 and 4.0 based installations (screenshots use 4.0, but the steps will be the same for both.)

Issue: You have accidentally deleted a batch class and would like to recover it. For this instruction, our example will be BC5 EphesoftInvoiceProcessingDemo which has it’s UNC path set as C:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\WatchFolders\Invoice. See screenshots.



Now, once you delete the Batch Class, it will no longer show in the UI page Batch Class Management and the folder will rename itself Invoice-BC5–deleted. See screenshot.




These are the instructions to undelete a Batch Class in Ephesoft

  1. Open the parent directory which holds the Batch Class’ UNC watch folder and change the name of the folder from Invoice-BC5–deleted to Invoice. You will remove the -BC#–deleted from the end of the directory name.
  2. Next, you will open up the Ephesoft database in HeidiSQL or your SQL client of choice
  3. In the ephesoft.batch_class table, you will find the entry for the batch class which you are undeleting. You can sort by the BC# in the identifier column of the table and you will remove the -BC#–deleted from the end of the unc_folder column entry. It should now match the path to which you changed the folder name in the previous step.See screenshot.
  4. While you still have the batch_class table open, there is also a column named is_deleted, you will need to change the value in this column from 1 to 0.
  5. The Batch Class will be undeleted and now show again in the Batch Class Management screen and allow batches to be processed through it. A restart of Ephesoft is not necessary for these changes to be visible.


Workaround/Permanent Fix?: Permanent



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