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Topic/Category: Scripting, Classification, Document Assembler, Web Services

Ephesoft Version: 3x+

Issue: Expected File path length exceeds the maximum permissible limit


Max length for file path is not a static value. It varies from situation to situation. If batch instance is submitted as a file max path length will be different and when batch instance is submitted as folder it will be different. Max length of file path depends upon both the base path as well as file name. Hence there is not hard-coded maximum limit for file path.
Maximum permissible limit is calculated at runtime with help of an algorithm which ensure that the input file can be processed in the workflow without any issue. In any scenario maximum permissible file path length can be found in INFO level logs. Before throwing a batch instance into error due to file path length issue, it logs the maximum allowed file path length in INFO level logs.

We cannot define any limit for Document type as this depends on the Maximum OS path limit for file. For saving document type name  in database, we have defined 255 char length but there are dependencies where saving that much characters will throw error.

Below are few examples that will explain the dependencies of Document Type  Name used as path internally during processing. Here we have to consider input file name length as well as every time we get different names and that will be part of full path.


C:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\BC13\test-advanced-extraction\Document Type Name\US-Invoice.png (Complete path should not exceed the OS File Path Limit )

C:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\BC13\test-advanced-extraction\Document Type Name\US-Invoice_HOCR.xml (Complete path should not exceed the OS File Path Limit )

C:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\BC13\advanced-test-cross-section-extraction\Document Type Name\ US-Invoice.tif.rsbatch (Complete path should not exceed the OS File Path Limit )

http://ServerName:8080/dcma-batches/BC19/test-advanced-extraction/test-advanced-extraction/Document Type Name\US-Invoice.png (This value we have stored in database and field size in Database is 255 chars.)


You can also refer this article for Windows OS path limit for file.



In case we are getting errors due to file path length then we will get this message in logs: Expected File path length exceeds the maximum permissible limit


For database, field size exceeding the limit then we will get data truncation error.


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