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User that upgraded to, the CMIS mapping has changed. In CMIS_EXPORT plugin under Export module, the CMIS Root Folder Name has a constraint that doesn’t allow special characters such as a colon anymore. These characters (“ * < > ? : |) were allowed before.

User will need to update to v4.0.5.1 and apply the patch over v4.0.5.1.

Ephesoft v4.0.5.1 for Windows

Ephesoft v4.0.5.1 Patch for Windows

Steps to deploy:
1. Stop Ephesoft server.
2. Extract the attached solution ( into a temporary location.
3. Go to {<Ephesoft installation>\Application\WEB-INF\lib\*} directory.
4. Take backup and delete any existing dcma-data-access*.jar, dcma-batch*.jar, *gxt-review-validate*.jar, *gxt-admin*.jar.
5. Copy following extracted jar to {<Ephesoft installation>\Application\WEB-INF\lib\*} directory.
a. dcma-data-access-0.0.15_17_May_2016_4051.jar
b. dcma-batch-0.0.15_18_May_2016_4051.jar
c. dcma-gxt-review-validate-0.0.15_18_May_2016_4051.jar
d. dcma-gxt-admin-0.0.15_20_May_2016_4051.jar
6. Take backup pf ‘bm’ folder present in Application folder and copy the extracted ‘bm’ folder at the same location.
7. Take backup of the ‘locale.js’ file present in <Ephesoft installation>\Application\i18n\batchClassManagement folder and replace with the extracted locale.js file.
8. Clear java cache and browser cache.
9. Start Ephesoft server.

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