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User creating many SubForms within one recostar project and had many recostar projects for the document First Second Third and last pages. When searching each subform it performs OCR in the desired area the user chooses in the project. When user is choosing the entire page for every SubForm created making Recostar perform OCR on the entire page many times.


User using SubForms in RecoStar to pinpoint the exact location of a value using FieldRegistration Reg Exp Search Field.


This allowed user to search for a keyword to set as a new anchor point


In the zone, when user is finding a keyword on the enitire page. User had many SubForms being used. This resulted in OCRing the entire page for every SubForm


To speed up performance and narrow down where user were looking for the keyword to minimize the amount of OCRing


Please do this for every SubForm of the fields to speed up performance.

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