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Topic/Category: SAML, SSO

Ephesoft Version: 4.1+


Login issues


ERROR org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[Catalina].[localhost].[/dcma].[default]- Servlet.service() for servlet [default] in context with path [/dcma] threw exception

org.springframework.jdbc.IncorrectResultSetColumnCountException: Incorrect column count: expected 1, actual 2

               at com.ephesoft.dcma.core.dao.hibernate.HibernateDao.getSingleResult(

               at com.ephesoft.dcma.core.dao.hibernate.HibernateDao.findSingle(

               at com.ephesoft.dcma.da.dao.hibernate.SecurityUserDaoImpl.findSecurityUserByName(




One to one entries should exist in security _user_group table. Delete any additional entries not needed.


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