Issue Description:

We may observe an issue with a batch failing in folder import module with error : “Exception in breaking the input file. Batch Contains all Non-supported File” when the input is provided using mail import and we are only processing attachments in a mail rather than the body of the mail.

Component: Mail Import

Affected Version: Before 4.5 (In Ephesoft Transact versions only)

Root Cause:

This is a miss in functionality in cases where dcma.mail.import.mail_body_download_flag property is set to 1 i.e. don’t download body, download only attachments in file and you are processing a mail which is not having any attachment. Since the mail gets processed and nothing gets downloaded an empty folder gets created in drop folder leading to above mentioned exception.

Fixed Version: 

This use case has now been fixed in 4.5 where Ephesoft will not create a new Batch instance in case dcma.mail.import.mail_body_download_flag property is set to 1 and the email is having no attachments.



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Abhishek Jain