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After upgrading from Ephesoft version 3034 SP2 or lower to Ephesoft version 3110 or 3034 SP2 or lower to 3101, login button does not appear on Ephesoft UI.


We have analysed artefacts on remote system. In lib folder of Ephesoft application we found old version jar files of gwt. These jars are:

  • gwt-servlet-2.0.3.jar
  • gwt-incubator-2.0.1.jar
  • gwt-math-2.0.3.jar
  • gwt-math-server-2.0.3.jar.


Please remove these jars from lib folder as gwt jars of version 2.5.1 are already present in lib folder. These jar files are copied by installer setup in lib folder from Application backup of version 3034 SP1 because installer recognises these jars as user’s custom jar files.

NOTE – We will fix this problem in upcoming version of Ephesoft installer that is v3.1.2.0 (Service Pack 2)


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Walter Lee