Migrating your Existing Ephesoft Database from MYSQL to MSSQL

Here are steps you will need to take to successfully migrate your current MYSQL database to a New MSSQL server. (Ephesoft is compatible with all versions SQL Server 2005 and 2008)


1. Backup Everything (Ephesoft folder and Database)

2. Export all the batch classes from Ephesoft running on MySQL if the customer wants to move them to MSSQL

3. Create a database in MSSQL using SQL file in C:\Ephesoft\Dependencies\MsSQLSetup

4. Edit the ephesoft-mssql-setup.bat file and enter the correct server and user credentials for the SQL server

5. Copy all content from the following one level up : C:\Ephesoft\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-data-access\MSSQL

6. Enter the correct username, password, database name in the dcma-db.properties

7. Make sure Deploy workflow flag is set to “true” in the dcma-workflows file.

8. Reset all SER files in the [Ephesoft Installation Folder]\SharedFolders\database-update by Removing the “-Executed” portion of the file.

9. Start Ephesoft and make sure all the Ephesoft tables are created with three batch classes.

10. Delete the non standard Batch class folders from SharedFolders such as BC4, BC5, etc.

11. Import the batch classes that you have exported in step #2 above….

12. I would also make sure the customer has all the patches. (i.e. SP7 has a fix for SQL connection and other Issues)

For more details on configuring MS SQL go to the following Link:


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