The Recostar HOCR plugin by default is the part of page processing module of Ephesoft application. This plugin uses Recostar for generating HOCR files. This plugin reads the image files listed in the batch xml of a batch instance and generates HOCR file for each one of them.

Barcode values can be decoded with this plugin using the barcode enabled project file.

Steps of execution

    • This plug-in works in the page processing phase of the application when all the import processing on the batch has been done.
    • This plugin extracts the contents of the image using Recostar tool.
    • This plugin uses the RSP file present on the SharedFolder\{Batch Class}\fixed-form-extraction\*.rsp otherwise file present in the bin folder of the {Application}\native\RecostarPlugin\bin\*.rsp file will be used.
    • If barcode swtich is ON, then the RSP file should be barcode enabled.


Configurable Properties

Following are the list of configurable properties for the plugin:

Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
Recostar Project File Name List of values
  • Fpr.rsp
  • Fpr_MutliLanguage.rsp
  • FPR_Barcode.rsp
This option is used to specify the project file name used to be performing OCRing.
Recostar color switch List of values
  • ON
  • OFF
If color switch is ON then PNG file will be used for OCRing.
Recostar Auto Rotate switch List of values
  • ON
  • OFF
This property is used to auto rotation of the input images on the basis of orientation provided by the recostar.
Recostar Switch List of values
  • ON
  • OFF
This switch is used to turn this plugin ON/OFF.
Barcode Switch List of values
  • ON
  • OFF
This property is used to read the barcode from the input images using the barcode enabled recostar project file e.g. “FPR_Barcode.rsp”
Recostar Valid Extensions List of values
  • tif
  • gif
  • png
Recostar can allow the above three formats for OCRing. One can configure the allowable format of image for OCRing in that plugin.
Recostar Deskew Switch List of Values
  • ON
  • OFF
This property is use to set tilted images as straight.


This plugin only requires an image as an input (which is a PNG if color switch is ON and a TIFF if color switch is OFF). Hence one would require one of the plugins from: ‘Create OCR Input Plugin’/ ‘Create Display Image Plugin’ to run before it.

Dependency on shared folders

The batch class folder inside the main shared folder contains a folder by the name: recostar-extraction. This file contains the “Recostar Project file” as specified by the first property. If the file selected does not exist, the default file by the selected name present inside Recostar will be used for Recostar OCRing.


Following are few common error messages received due to mal-functioning of the OCRing:

S no. Error message Possible root cause
1. Invalid License. So could not be verified.
  • Network connection failure.
  • Recostar command is not valid.
  • License is not installed or invalid.
  • Tomcat server is not started.
2. Problem in verifying License Unable to connect with Ephesoft license server or some error occurred at Ephesoft license server side.
3. Unable to load Fpr.rsp file RSP file used for processing is invalid.
4. Exception while reading from XML Unable to process batch xml file or batch xml is invalid.
5. No valid extensions are specified in resources No valid extension is selected.
6. Image Processing or XML updation failed Unable to update batch xml.
7. File has invalid extension File processed by recostar has invalid extension.
8. Unable to parse Orientation tag in Recostar xml file. Recostar xml file has invalid value for Orientation tag.
9. Unable to rotate the file:according to the values specified in its xml Recostar xml file has invalid value for rotation.


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