Handling remoteDB during Installation/Upgrade


Existing Functionality – version

In case of configuring a remoteDB in the application, the user has to run a command externally during Installation/Upgrade.


New Functionality – version

User can configure a remoteDB during the Installation/Upgrade itself. The user only needs to have the root access (username and password) of the database which is to be configured.


For both the environments – Linux as well as Windows, the user will be able to connect to the database based on the root credentials provided during database configuration. But if the connection is unsuccessful (root credentials are not correct), user will not be able to proceed with the installation.


In case of Linux, if the database connection could not be made then an error log appears on the screen and ask for the confirmation of the user to continue installer merging the application and notifying that the database can be manually configured later by executing the SQL query.

In case of Windows, user will not be able to proceed if not able to connect to the database (credentials are not correct).

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