This is a step by step guide to remove a custom plugin from Ephesoft.


  • Remove the custom plugin to be deleted from all the batch classes and deploy the workflow for each of the modified batch class. It is mandatory that the plugins be removed from all the batch classes.
  • After following the above step execute the following queries

1. use <Ephesoft DB Name>;

2. select id as PLUGIN_ID from plugin where plugin_name like ‘%PLUGIN_NAME%’;

  • From the PLUGIN_ID obtained from the above query execute the following query

1. delete from plugin_dependency where plugin_id = PLUGIN_ID;

  • Then execute the query

1. select id as PLUGIN_CONFIG_ID from plugin_config where plugin_id = PLUGIN_ID;

2. delete from plugin_config_sample_value where plugin_config_id = PLUGIN_CONFIG_ID;

3. delete from plugin_config where plugin_id = PLUGIN_ID;

  • Finally execute the query to eliminate plugin

1. delete from plugin where id = PLUGIN_ID;

  • Delete the plugin configurations from the application-Context.xml file in the Ephesoft Application Installed Directory

Sample <import resource=”classpath:/META-INF/applicationContext-XXX-plugin.xml”/>

  • Remove the custom plugin JAR from the {Ephesoft Installed Directory}\Application\WEB-INF\lib folder
  • Remove the added plugin configuration file from the {Ephesoft Installed Directory}\SharedFolders\workflows\plugins
  • Restart the Ephesoft server to reflect the changes.

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