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Session timeout is an event which occurs when a user do not perform any action on a web page for an interval after which session expires. Session timeout can be configured on web server. On expiration of session all the data persisted in user session is destroyed. Ephesoft now warns the user 1 minute before session is about to expire.

Following pop up shown will be shown 1 minute before the session is about to expire.




User will have two options either user can click on ‘Continue’ to renew the session or ‘Cancel’ to close the warning popup. If the user performs no option for 1 minute user will be redirected to Ephesoft home page. Please refer below:-





On JEE web application, there 2 ways to configure session timeout,

  1. Declaratively in web deployment descriptor (file “web.xml”): This configuration is applied to all user sessions created for the application.
  2. Programmatically on session object: This definition apply only on current session.

Session timeout in Ephesoft is configurable from “web.xml”. For enabling session-timeout pop up user needs to configure same time as configured in web.xml in “session-timeout.js”.

In web.xml (Application/WEB-INF/web.xml), time out can be configured declaratively as shown in snapshot:-




Same time configured in web.xml above needs to be configured in session-timeout.js (Application/js/sessionTimeout/session-timeout.js). Please refer below:-





Ephesoft will now warn the user 1 minute before the session is about to expire.

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