Recommended Hardware Requirements (Minimum)

Ephesoft Enterprise Edition


– 1 way 4-core CPU or 2 way 2-core CPU (Total 4 cores)

– 2.0 Ghz or higher Clock speed

– 2 GB Ram per Core

– NIC 1 Gbps

– 100GB minimum local Hard Drives (Root and Partition where application is to be installed)


– SSD based high I/O Server Cluster

– RAID 10 for increased performance



– 1 way 4 core CPU

– 16GB Memory

– NIC 1 Gbps

– 20GB Storage reservation for the Ephesoft Application Database

– 20GB Minimum for the Ephesoft Reporting Database

– Special Note: MySQL must be set to use a case insensitive collation (i.e. SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS)


Disclaimer for Virtual Machine Technology:

– Virtual cores should not exceed the amount of physical cores on the native machine

– Virtual Machines should be static machines, replicating or moving virtual machines that are running is not recommended

– Minimum 2 Core Reservation for VM Server running Ephesoft

Note: Use of AMD processors for VM Host will degrade Ephesoft performance of processing servers.


Best Practices for Install and upgrade:

– Unrestricted Service Account w/ Full Local Admin Rights

– New Clean Server Equipment or VM

– Once installed Anti-Virus Real-Time scanning must be disabled for all Ephesoft Folders (Ephesoft Folder, SharedFolders, All UNC Import and Export Paths and System Temp folder )

– In case of an upgrade please ensure that All Ephesoft Related Directories and Databases have been backed prior to upgrading.


Client Workstation:

– 4-core CPU

– 2.0 Ghz or higher Clock speed

– 4GB Ram

– NIC 1 Gbps

– 500GB local Hard Drive



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