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Applicable Ephesoft versions: (upgrade is included in and 4.0

This is an upgrade for Recostar in the 3.1.2.x based versions of Ephesoft. This will allow for new features and better handling of malformed PDF files when breaking them apart into tif files.


Download Link: Recostar 7.2




  1. Download file using above shared web link.
  2. Stop ephesoft server.
  3. Take backup of ‘{Ephesoft- installation-directory}\application\native\RecostarPlugin’ directory and delete the same from ‘{Ephesoft-installation-directory}\application\native’ directory.
  4. Copy RecostarPlugin folder present inside file to ‘{Ephesoft- installation-directory}\application\native’ directory.
  5. Start Ephesoft server.
  6. Execute batches in Ephesoft.



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