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NOTE: Ephesoft has eliminated the support of the Community edition.  We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version in order to fully experience all of its current features/ improvements and security protection.

Ephesoft Community, Linux Edition Version 4.0 is a Intelligent Document Capture and Mailroom Automation program developed by Ephesoft, Inc. Copyright (C) 2015 Ephesoft Inc.

This is a free version of Ephesoft’s Enterprise Software for Linux based corporate and government document capture applications.   It is an easy-to-use and powerful Enterprise Content Management system.

Ephesoft’s Linux Community Edition is the open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management, distributed under GNU Affero General Public License version 3.

It is free to download and use forever, making it best suited for developers and technical enthusiasts in non business-critical environments.

***Community Release is available for Linux Only.

Below are some tools and insights to help get you started


Ephesoft Community, Linux Edition Version 4.0 provides the following benefits:

  1. Open Source
  2. Ease-of-use
  3. Extensible
  4. Scalable
  5. Standards-based
  6. Battle-tested

Core Installation File

Download –  Ephesoft Community Release

Resource Files for Running Ephesoft Community

Feature comparison between community and enterprise release :

Feature Changes Community Enterprise
External Application Support on RV
Function Key Support on RV
Unlimited Document Type Support
HOCR Signature Support
Encryption Support
Support for processing of Office files
Multithreading support for processing multiple batches at a time
Ephesoft Watermark on exported images
Tesseract OCR
Advanced Recostar OCR
Bar code recognition
Module Changes
Logi, ETL
Web Scanner
Mobile API/SnapDoc
Web Services Support
Batch Class copy, delete, import/export, unlock
Document Type add, copy, delete, import/export
Index Field add, copy, export/import
Test Extraction, Test Classification
Advanced KV
KV Extraction,  Table Extraction,  Regular Regex Extraction,  Barcode Extraction
Batch execution, deletion, restart
Troubleshoot feature
Regex Pool, Regex Builder
Workflow Management
List of batches in Review & Validation state
Batch Review, Batch Validation
Batch uploading and execution
Plugin Changes
Nuance Plugin
Fuzzy DB Plugin
DB Export Plugin
Export To HPII Filenet Plugin
Filebound Plugin
NSI Export Plugin
IBM-CM Plugin
Docushare Export Plugin
Scripting Plugins
Advanced DA
Folder Monitor Plugin
Email import Plugin
CMIS Import Plugin
CMIS Export Plugin
UI Changes
License Info: System Config screen
Charts on Batch Class & Batch Instance screen Static Dynamic
Fuzzy DB configuration
Scanner Profile configuration
License Generator
Web Scanner link on navigator
Licensing information added in footer
Licensing page opens on click of licensing link


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