This wiki link helps you to understand Ephesoft Folder Structure in details i.e. which folder is used for what purpose and where to navigate within ephesoft to configure or look into various components. This wiki is mainly designed with taking care into 4.x.x.x version of Ephesoft.


We will see below sub-folders inside Ephesoft Directory:

Apache 2.2 : Apache 2.2 Folder is basically Apache Load Balancer & Web Server which comes bundled with Ephesoft. If you are planning to load balance your application with Apache Load Balancer then you can make use of this folder to configure Apache with Ephesoft.

Application: Application folder is one of the main folders in Ephesoft Directory. This is where you will find our Application and this is the Application which is run by our JavaAppServer. Application is created on java and GWT web tools and there are many folder associated with the same.

  • batchInstance, batchList,bm, folderManager,  Reporting, reviewValidate, systemConfig, uploadBatch, webscanner, webscannerwithoutapplet, *.html : These folders are associated with the different sections which are visible on User Interface.
  • css, font, font-awesome, home, icons, images, jquery, js, login, themes, *.css : These folders are used for styling the application.
  • i18n : This folder helps in performing activities like localization. We can add & use different locale languages to modify the language of the application
  • logs : This folder has the log files which are used to review in case of some ERROR’s.
  • WEB-INF : This folder has properties files which are used in conjunction with Application and affects the application globally. We refer to this folder whenever there is a need to modify any property file.
  • native : This folder contains certain 3rd Party executable’s which are mainly used in Image conversion process like Ghostscript, ImageMagick, Recostar Design Studio etc.
  • applicationContext.xml : This xml file is used to enable / disable the modules / components. Example: If you want to enable email import then just un comment the module from this file.
  • log4j.xml : This file is used to change the logging levels for Ephesoft Logs


Dependencies: This folder contains all the 3rd party tools that are bundled with Ephesoft.

Documents: This folder has some knowledge base links majorly focusing on UI interface as well as these consist of the Ephesoft current version Release Notes

Ephesoft Reports: This folder has components linked with Reporting. It consist of configuration files which are used for reporting to execute & work properly.

JavaAppServer: This folder is responsible to start the application. Can also be considered as the Tomcat folder which is used to start the application. Some important sub-folders under this folder are as below:

  • bin : This is main folder where definition of tomcat resides. Usually used to load libraries and start & stop application.
  • conf : This folder consist of configurable files for tomcat like server.xml , web.xml and tomcat-users.xml which are majorly used to start various components in Ephesoft
  • lib : Tomcat related libraries are stored in this this folder
  • logs: Startup logs , catalina logs , Application logs can be found here.
  • temp : Temporary directory which stores class files of the custom scripts and JVM related temporary files.

Licenses: This folder has valid 3rd party licenses.

SharedFolders: This is one of the main folder which application interacts with & stores the data by default. This folder can be created either inside (default installation) or any other location or over n/w as well. This folder is shared by multiple systems in a cluster. It contains below sub folders which are mainly interacted with end user:

  • application-script : This is a placeholder for global script that runs globally to perform some operation on the basis of cron expression.
  • Batch Class Folder : Definition of Batch Classes created are store in this folder. You will usually find the folder with names like BC0, BC1 , BC2, BC23 etc.
  • database-update : This folder is has serialized files associated with the Application database. These come into picture when we need to recreate the database or when the application prepares the database for the very first time.
  • ephesoft-system-folder : This is a temporary folder for batch instances where module wise information is stores. This contains the list of converted tiff files, hocr files, batch.xml etc.
  • final-drop-folder : This folder by default is where the final batch.xml and final document is exported.
  • report-data : All the reporting related xml files are stored in this location.






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