To install/upgrade your license perform the following:

  1. To complete installation/upgrade, you will need to send the [Ephesoft\Dependencies\licensing\] file to to receive your license file. Before sending, open the file. It should like the illustration on the right. If not, manually populate ALL unique MAC addresses from your machine(run command to get MAC addresses: ipconfig /all), save and send to our licensing department.license pipe
  2. (For Upgrade) – Go to Windows Registry and delete the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\ephesoft
  3. Copy the ephesoft.lic file to [Ephesoft\Dependencies\license-util\]. Go to an ADMINISTRATOR command prompt in this directory and execute install-license.bat TWICE.


For Ephesoft 4x+ Upgrades (Update: 08/2015)

Ephesoft uses a completely different licensing scheme from previous versions – the cumulative core license only needs to be installed on one machine. For clustered environments, go to each node in the cluster and delete the license information in the registry. A license server must be turned on and remain on for any other ephesoft nodes to continue functioning.




Installation Issues and Pre-requisites

If this does not resolve the issue, please zip and send your javaappserver log files.

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