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Known Issue#: 13597

Topic/Category: Installation

Ephesoft version(s) Affected: 4.0.x

Issue: When uninstalling Ephesoft 4.0.x on a linux server then re-installing, it will think that LibreOffice is still installed

Root Cause: When uninstalling Ephesoft, the symbolic link at /usr/bin/soffice which is a link to /opt/libreoffice4.2/program/soffice is not deleted and will prevent the installation of LibreOffice on the reinstallation


Workaround/Permanent Fix?: Permanent Fix


  1. After you uninstall Ephesoft and before re-installing Epehsoft, you will need to remove the link at /usr/bin/soffice with the command ‘sudo rm /usr/bin/soffice’
  2. If you uninstalled Ephesoft but did NOT remove LibreOffice in the process, do not perform this action as libreoffice will still be installed.




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