Ephesoft temp folder clean up feature helps to free the disc space consumed by the temporary folders within the Shared Folder of the Ephesoft installation directory created over a period of time.


Properties File Configuration

  • Firstly the following property needs to be uncommented from the applicationContext.xml of the application to initiate the service

<import resource=”classpath:/META-INF/applicationContext-tempfolder-cleanup.xml” />

  • Secondly the following properties have to be set for running the service. Changes are required to be made in the file dcma-tempfolder-cleanup.properties located at path {EphesoftInstallationDirectory}\ Application \WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\ dcma-tempfolder-cleanup
S. No. Property Description Sample
1 tmp_cleanup.deletablefolders A list of folders within Shared folders contents of which are to be deleted. Folder names are separated by semi colon. tmp_cleanup.deletablefolders=web-service-folder;scannedImages;upload-batch-folder;temp;
2 tmp_cleanup.cleanup_age Deletes the files from the specified folders older than the given hours. tmp_cleanup.cleanup_age=24
3 tmp_cleanup.cronjob_expression Cronjob expression to schedule the service. tmp_cleanup.cronjob_expression = 0 0 12 * * ?

(runs at 12 pm every day)


Non SharedFolders directories

These are the temp directories outside SharedFolders:

  • <Ephesoft>\JavaAppServer\temp
  • <Ephesoft>\temp

For temp directories outside the SharedFolders, cleanup has to be performed manually. For automating this process, customer can write and schedule custom scripts which run periodically (weekly, bi-monthly) in which it:

  1. Stops Ephesoft service
  2. Cleans all temp directory
  3. Starts Ephesoft service


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