Versions of Ephesoft Affected: 3.x


Folder monitor service Fails when Folder Monitor TURNED OFF or COMMENTED OUT


When folder monitor fail-over mechanism was designed, it was based on the assumption that folder monitor will not be commented on any of the servers. We strongly don’t recommend to comment folder monitor service in applicationContext.xml. As Folder-monitor service is light weight, it doesn’t take much resources. Its only job is to create BIs of newly added documents.
The following command should remedy those who choose to comment out the Folder Monitor Service. However, it’s not recommended.

1. Execute following query in the database:

Use <database-name>;
Delete from server_status where service_Type= 'FOLDER_MONITOR';

2. Stop the Ephesoft UI server and turn on the production server on which folder monitor needs to be executed, it will make an entry in service_status. Once the service_status entry is made we can bring the back UI server.

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J.D. Abbey