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Please find Hot-Fix link the consolidated HOT-FIX over Ephesoft v4.1.1.0 for the following issues:
1. Ephesoft Transact: [#EPHE-14379] – Automatic Classification in Doc Assembler not giving desired results
2. Ephesoft Transact: [#EPHE-14348]- Batch Class setup screen is slow to load after upgrading to v4.1.0.0 – about 10-15 seconds each time the BC is opened.
3. Ephesoft Transact: EEN-6204 – Failed to train DLF in machine learning with Tesseract as OCR engine.
4. Ephesoft Transact: EEN-6132- Machine learning >> Organization Name not extracted correctly – For Loan App3 it is not extracting the complete Name for the Bank.

Steps to Deploy:
a. Stop Ephesoft server.
b. Extract the into a temporary location.
c. Go to [Ephesoft_home]\Application\WEB-INF\lib\* directory.
d. Take backup of any existing dcma-da*.jar, gxt-admin*.jar, gxt-core*.jar, dcma-batch*.jar, dcma-text-analyzer*.jar, dcma-util*.jar before deleting the same.
e. Copy the following extracted files to lib folder.
– dcma-batch-HOTFIX_6204_2Dec16.jar
– dcma-da-HOTFIX_14379_2Dec16.jar
– dcma-text-analyzer-HOTFIX_6132_2Dec16.jar
– dcma-util-HOTFIX_6132_2Dec16.jar
– dgxt-admin-HOTFIX_14384_2Dec16.jar
– dgxt-core-HOTFIX_14384_2Dec16.jar
f. Go to [Ephesoft_home]\Application\* directory.
g. Take backup of bm folder.
h. Copy extracted bm folder to Application directory.
i. Start Ephesoft server.

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