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Field Fuzzy

Demonstrate an example on How to configure Field Fuzzy with separate index fields pointing to different Database ?



That can be done in a same way by creating multiple mappings. Taking your example I have setup a batch class as below:

Screenshot 1: Created a Batch Class with single Document Type and 7 index fields names f1 to f7. In this example I have put KV extraction rules on f1 and f4 index fields



Screenshot 2: In Field Fuzzy I have created 2 groups. f1 group is having mapping information for fields f1 to f3 and f2 group has mapping for index fields for fields f4 to f7. Both groups are referring to 2 different tables us_invoice and po_configuration respectively.


Screenshot 3: This is an example for  mapping



Screenshot 4: Result are retrieved from 2 different groups. f1 to f3 values are are fetched from table us_invoice on the basis of value extracted in f1 field. f4 to f7 is extracted from po_configuration table on the basis of value extracted by f4 field.

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Abhishek Jain