How to Run Ephesoft on Windows While Logged in as a Non-Administrative User

Follow the steps below to run Ephesoft on Windows while logged in as a non-administrative user

  1. Ephesoft must be installed and licensed with an administrative user. This is a mandatory prerequisite.
  2. Configure a new service account once Ephesoft is installed and licensed.
  3. Edit permissions for the entire C:\Ephesoft folder to give your new service account full control.
  4. Edit the registry to grant the test user full control to the javasoft folder; [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft]
  5. If there is a remote share being used, then it must also be configured to give full control to the service account from the Ephesoft server.
  6. Alter the service for Ephesoft Enterprise to run from the new service account that you created.

Note: These instructions expect the user to be using a remote database which does not require to be run as a non-administrative user.

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J.D. Abbey