Import Multipage Files plugin is required when running a batch on multipage images. This plugin will break the multipage pdf’s and tiffs into multiple single page tiffs. Multipage pdf’s will be converted to single page tiffs using ghostscript whereas multipage tiffs will be converted to page single page tiffs using imagemagick.





UI Configuration

IMPORT_MULTIPAGE_FILES properties can be edited at following admin UI:


Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
IM Convert Input Image Parameters String N-A Input parameters for imagemagick command that should be used for multipage tiff to multiple single page tiffs conversion.
Multi Page Import List of values YES

Switch for multipage files import plugin. If set to NO multipage files (pdf and tiff) will not be converted to multiple single page tiffs.
IM Convert Output Image Parameters String N-A Output parameters for imagemagick command that should be used for multipage tiff to multiple single page tiffs conversion.
Ghostscript Image Parameters: String N-A Parameters for ghostscript command that should be used for multipage pdf to multiple single page tiffs conversion.
PDF To TIFF Conversion Process: List of values Ghostscript

Selection of process that converts pdf files into tiff files. Default value is Ghostscript.
Recostar Compression Ratio: List of values 70
The least value i.e. 10 represents maximum compression and the greatest value i.e. 70 represents minimum compression. Default value is 70.


Property File Configuration

Property File location: <Ephesoft-Installation-Path>\ Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-import-folder\dcma-import-folder.properties\*



Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
import.folder_ignore_char_list String N-A Semi colon separated of characters that are to be replaced in the file names encountered by the plugin.
import.ignore_replace_char String N-A Character specified here that will replace the characters mentioned in 'import.folder_ignore_char_list' for the file names encountered by the plugin.
import.invalid_char_list String N-A If character(s) specified here are encountered in the folder name the batch instance will be sent to ERROR state.


Optimization parameters and results

“-sDEVICE” parameter

  • -sDEVICE=tiff12nc
    • Produces 12-bit RGB output
  •  -sDEVICE=tiff24nc
    • Produces 24-bit RGB output
  •  -sDEVICE=tiff48nc
    • Produces 48-bit RGB output
  •  -sDEVICE=tiff32nc
    • Produces 32-bit CMYK output
  • -sDEVICE=tiff64nc
    • Produces 64-bit CMYK output
  • -sDEVICE=tiffscaled24 -sCompression=lzw
    • Produces a 24 bit RGB image and allows the use of a special compression tag along with it which allows us to compress the size of the image.
  • -sDEVICE=tifflzw
    • Produces black-and-white output and can be combined with various compression options.
  • Following are the results of images produced by splitting a PDF with the given specifications under different GhostScript parameters:


  • PDF Size: 514Kb
  • Number of pages in PDF: 26

Note: PDF contained mixture of colored and B/W images


-sDEVICE Type of output Size per image produced(in KB) Total images size(in MB)
tiff12nc Same type of images 12,241 325
tiff24nc Same type of images 25,446 626
tiff48nc Same type of images 51,148 1258
tiffscaled24 -sCompression=lzw Same type of images 250-400 6.75
tifflzw All images converted to B/W 50-90 1.4



Following are few common error messages received due to mal-functioning of the plugin:


S no. Error message Possible root cause
1 Invalid property file configuration The following properties located in '<Ephesoft-Installation-Path>\ Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-import-folder\ dcma-import-folder.properties' file in are empty:

2 Converted Tiff files count not equal to the TIFF pages count. The number of pages in PDF/Multipage Tiff is not equal to the converted tiff files.

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