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Index fields are the configurations which are used while Extraction module. Index fields are configured inside a Document Type. There could be multiple Index Fields for each Document Type. All the Extraction Modules are executed using these settings of Index Fields. The Index Fields have following functionality:

Copy Index Fields:

Index Fields can be copied from the Index Fields menu bar. On selecting an already present index field, the field can be duplicated by clicking on Index Field menu bar. When clicking copy button in menu bar, the copy of selected Index Field is created and a success message is displayed on the top right corner. Since the Index Field is copied therefore the name of the two is same. That shown the grid as invalid. When copying an Index Field all the KV Extraction rules and Validation rules inside it are duplicated in the new copied Index Field. Below attached is the screenshot for the same:

[[File. 4.0_BCM_BatchClassIndexFields_10001.jpg|400px]]


The copied Index Field with duplicate name:

[[File. 4.0_BCM_BatchClassIndexFields_10002.jpg|400px]]


Category in Index Fields:

Category of an Index Field can be described as the group into which it will be assigned. An Index Field can be assigned to any user defined category. All the Index Fields belonging to the same category will be displayed below same tab on Validation screen. When a batch is in Validation module then when viewed by the operator, if there are multiple Index Fields belonging to the same category then all of them will be displayed under same tab. Any Index Field that does not have any category will be assigned by default “Group 1”. Below specified screenshot displays the different categories of index field set as “Group 1” and “Group 2”:

[[File. 4.0_BCM_BatchClassIndexFields_10003.jpg|400px]]


Field Type:

Field Type defines that this Index Field will extract which type of value. This configuration is used to define how the extracted results of the Index Field will be displayed on Validation screen. There are different type of settings/widgets which could be used to display the results of the extraction for Index Field:

  1. TEXT
  2. LIST
  4. DATE
  6. COMBO

Each configuration is used to display a widget on Validation screen in which the extracted data will be displayed. The configuration can be done as follows:

[[File. 4.0_BCM_BatchClassIndexFields_10004.jpg|400px]]


Hidden Index Field:

Index Fields can be assigned a property configuration as Hidden. All the Index Fields which are assigned as hidden will not be visible on Validation screen. The values will be extracted for the hidden Index Fields but the values will not be visible to the operator on Validation screen, they will only be updated in the batch xml for running batch.

Read Only Index Field:

This configuration makes the Index Field only readable on the Validation screen. The Index Fields which will be declared as Read Only, any value extracted for them will be present on the Validation screen but will not be available for editing. Operator can only read the values for these fields.

The configuration for the two properties can be done in Index Field grid through checkboxes as shown in the screenshot.

[[File. 4.0_BCM_BatchClassIndexFields_10005.jpg|400px]]



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