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An issue was noted while upgrading from Ephesoft v4.0.6.0 to v4.0.6.1. Upgrade from v4.0.6.0 to v4.0.6.1 failed once and was re-initiated. This time, the upgrade failed with a message stating “There is no enough disk space for upgrade” even though there was sufficient free disk space available.

This happened because on the first upgrade attempt, the installer aborted prematurely corrupting the previous installation. On the second upgrade attempt, when installer tried to read data from the previously installed file (from Application Folder), it threw an exception which stated “There is no enough disk space for upgrade”.


When you upgrade from Ephesoft v4.0.6.0 to v4.0.6.1, after making certain checks, the installer renames the Application folder from previous to Application_backup_4.0.6.0_(date) and proceeds with the upgrade. If for some reason, the installation fails, these changes are rolled back to the previous installation.

In case of the issue discussed above, on the first upgrade attempt, for some reasons, the installer failed without rolling back the changes. On the second upgrade attempt, when the installer tried to read the Application folder, an exception error was displayed.

With Ephesoft v4.0.6.1, on re-initiation of upgrade, if the previous installation has been corrupted, the following error message is displayed.

Also, you can follow the instructions given below to manually revert the changes made by the installer during the previous upgrade attempt and proceed with the upgrade process.


  1. Rename the Application_backup_4.0.6.0_(date) folder to Application.
  2. Go to Run > Regedit.exe.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  4. Go to Edit >Find and search Ephesoft Enterprise Edition
  5. Delete the registry key as displayed in the image below.

  1. Rerun the installer to proceed with the upgrade.

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Ravi Shankar