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Component: KV Page Process

Impact: High

Affected Version: 4501

Issue Description:

There is one major issue identified during upgrading Ephesoft Transact 4500 to Ephesoft Transact 4501 in those cases where customer may have KV Page Process Rules setup in their batch class. The issue is observed in Page Level Fields under field name column where after upgrading to 4501 all the field names may get replaced with String “KV Page Process”.

This is majorly going to impact your classification as the KV Page Process Classification will become useless due to change in field name.



Currently there is no workaround identified for this and Engineering team is still analyzing the same.

To avoid this issue please make sure that you are doing below:

  • Avoid upgrading to 4501 patch release if you have a-lot of KV Page Process Rules configured in your Batch Class.
  • In case there is no other option for you and you still want to upgrade then take required backup of Shared Folder, Database dump and Export the Batch Classes from earlier version having valid KV Page Process configuration so that you can import the batch classes again in case the issue is identified.

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Abhishek Jain