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Topic/Category: Barcode Document Separation, Barcode Index Field Extraction

Issue: Barcodes won’t extract.

Analysis: Barcodes have two different workflows and configurations for (1) document separation versus (2) index field extraction. The first is used to identify the type of document, while the latter is concerned with extracting into a field.  You must use the correct configuration methodology depending on what needs to be accomplished. Here are some common issues:



For Barcode Separation:

Insure the following for SEPARATION:
1) Page Process: RECOSTAR_HOCR: Barcode Switch ON
2) Page Process: RECOSTAR_HOCR: selected to Recostar Project File Name: FPR_Barcode.rsp
3) FPR_Barcode.rsp is defined with the correct settings for your particular barcode type,length, etc
4) The value for doctype BC definition must be set to value of the barcode.
5) Note if using Recostar barcode workflow(steps 1-3), it is unnecessary to have BARCODE_READER  in your workflow since it will be redundant technology. Either 1-3 steps should be used OR BARCODE_READER plugin, not both.


For Barcode Index Field Extraction:

Insure the following for extraction:
1) plugin configuration: Extraction:Recostar Extraction: Turn ON
2) For document type: set the use of the rsp file you have defined (insure the rsp file is defined with the correct settings for your particular barcode type,length, etc and named with the index field name you will be using in BC definition)
3) Index field defined in BC must matches what is defined in rsp file

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