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KB Article # KB0009402

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Topic/Category: Batch Class Configuration

Issue: When a batch instance is in validation, read only fields are allowing text to be entered. When checking the batch.xml, the index field does not have the switch <readOnly> in the xml.

Root Cause: This is caused by the REGULAR_REGEX_EXTRACTION being the first plugin listed in the Extraction module.


In order to resolve this issue, you will need to change the order of plugins in the Extraction Module so that the REGULAR_REGEX_EXTRACTION plugin is not the first plugin listed.

  1. Open your Batch Class in the Batch Class Management screen
  2. Navigate to the Extraction Plugin (notice that the REGULAR_REGEX_EXTRACTION is listed first
  3. Click on Extraction and change the order so that REGULAR_REGEX_EXTRACTION is no longer listed first in the Extraction Plugin
  4. Once this is done, it will look like this in the Extraction Plugin.
  5. Click Deploy and restart any Batch Instances that are being processed for this Batch Class.


Workaround/Permanent Fix?: Workaround



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