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KB ID: KB0010293

Topic/Category: Batch Class

Ephesoft Version: 3x,4x

Issue: “Variable @black is undefined” displayed in web browser


Say you would like to “reset” the ephesoft environment of all batch classes and batch instances in the case of completing UAT testing and moving the environment to PROD without having to do an uninstall/reinstall/reconfigure environment settings. This procedure will DELETE all data, but save BC definitions to import after environment reset.

1. (Optional) Backup your BCs by exporting them.

2. The cleanest method would be to delete/recreate the databases using method in link below.
For ephesoft 3x:

KB00008702 – How to Reset the Ephesoft Database to Default

For 4x, you would follow the same wiki instruction above , except you would drop the database from a sql ui or command line instead of dropping via the 3x specific query in wiki.

3. Delete any residual related files [BC(3+1x)] in the [Sharedfolder/] – ie BC folders/drop folders/UNC folders

4. Delete temp related files in the BCs [Sharedfolder/ephesoft-system-folder/] and [Sharedfolder/ephesoft-system-folder/properties]

5. (Optional)Finally re-import the backup BCs through the ephesoft web ui after starting Ephesoft successfully.

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