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Topic/Category: Web UI

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Issue: Cannot update batch class roles, priority, or drop folder location when folder monitor service is disabled


Download 4040solution_10461
Problem: Batch class roles, priority and drop folder could not be updated when folder monitor service is not running on a server.


Installation Steps:

1)      Extract *.zip file.

2)      Stop Ephesoft server if running.

3)      Delete following jar file from <Ephesoft Installation directory>/Application/WEB-INF/lib/* if present:

  1. *gxt-admin*.jar

4)      Copy extracted jar file (dcma-gxt-admin-0.0.15_20_Nov_2015_v4040.jar) to <Ephesoft Installation directory>/Application/WEB-INF/lib/* folder.

5)      Start the Ephesoft server.
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