Ephesoft uses applications such as ghostscript and imagemagick that may already be installed on my server before installing Ephesoft. Will Ephesoft update these or interfere with my previously installed applications that it uses as a dependency.



All dependencies used by Ephesoft(besides a few shared libraries) are installed in the Ephesoft install directory from course and will not effect your previously installed applications, neither will Ephesoft’s applications be effected if you install one of these applications through your package manager. Our installations are independent and not reported to the package manager, thus there should be no issue with cross dependencies or mismatched versions of dependencies.



If user deliberately tries to install e.g. imagemagick from repository by using apt-get install ImageMagick then OS allows user to install ImageMagick from repository as repository didn’t have any idea that software was already installed. Adding to this, now two version of software will be installed one installed from repository and other build by Ephesoft from source.

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J.D. Abbey